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Things to Consider Before Accepting an Interview Request

Working with the media can provide a great opportunity to highlight the issue of trauma, but it also exposes you to risk if you have been a victim of violence and/or have experienced a mental illness and want to speak out. Following are some questions to consider before providing a media interview.

Understanding Your Objectives
  • What are your motivations for doing the interview?
  • What do you hope to achieve by sharing your personal story?
  • Are you willing to take your story public and to be quoted?
Considering the Impact
  • What are the long- and short-term consequences to you of doing the interview?
  • Have you considered the best and worst outcomes?
  • Will it empower you or increase your anxiety? Could it jeopardize your security? Could the experience trigger PTSD or other symptoms?
  • Will you need support and, if so, will you have it available during and after the interview?
Researching the Media Outlet
  • Could callers phone in or audience participants ask you questions during your interview that might be difficult for you to answer on the spot?
  • Is the media outlet or station requesting the interview credible and fair? Does it have a good track record of treating victims with dignity and respect?
  • Will the perpetrator/accused or defense attorney participate in the interview or story?

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